Austin Raceway Park

Butch Lake, is driving a car prepared by August Hartkopf Division 4 NHRA.

This was once the home to many local racers and to the Texas top fuel circuit races.  The track opened in the early 60’s as a professional drag strip & 1.5 road race track and a unique feature of this facility was that it had a converted oil drilling tower that housed and served as the control tower of the strip.  ARP closed for multiple reasons, possible tax issues since it was located in the middle of two counties and, local farmers complained about the noise upsetting of the cows. The track served both duties drag strip and 1.5-mile road race track. For a while in the ’70’s it remained a hotbed for the local street racers until the end of the 80’s when the city dumped broken cement in the middle of the lanes to prevent any further racing. Most of the equipment like the bleachers and PA system transferred over to Victoria, Texas to be used at Six Flags Dragway.   Remnants of the track can still be found; the old paved road circuit remains dormant with grass growing all around it & while the converted tower is gone long since the nostalgic days of drag racing the remains of what’s left of the track is now housing development.