Boots Frithlof’s “My True Love” Austin, Texas

Boots Frithlof was a body shop owner from Austin, Texas who built the custom truck, for the classic custom car lovers world, a bit of a twist…move over! -in Texas we use trucks to show our skills and back in the 60s nothing fit the bill better than this fully customized truck known as the “Blue Pearl.” It was a 53 Chevrolet 1/2 ton labeled in Car Craft of April, 1964 as the -Texas Trophy Taker.

38731_426859541725_325258421725_4761676_6654151_n So, if you’ve hung around in Austin awhile…well then maybe you will remember this truck. Belonging to one of Austins earliest of car customizers and while the name may not sound familiar to some of us young dudes, I’ll bet he give a few ‘well-knowns’ a run for the money back in the day. Over the years when this truck competed at major shows Boots and Texas famed upholsterer Vernon McKean re-did the paint and interior 3 or 4 times over to keep the truck fresh and different and ready to win at shows. quote- When asked the name of his pick up, Boots admitted that “My True Love” was the name his wife selected, attesting to the time and effort that the publisher put into this trophy-talking, show-winning, street driven, haulin hauler.