Little River Dragway July, 1966


Little River Dragway July, 1966
photos: Hugh Glass ‘Austin Speed Specialist’ 55 Chevy

From when it was first opened in the early 50s up to todays events Little River is very much alive. It’s not your ordinary style of track like the bigger ones we are accustomed to attending today,  among those San Antonio Raceway which is only a couple hrs away near Seguin. Nowadays, Littler River still holds its image from those days when prepping was non- existent a place when pie crust slicks smoked the strip in a quarter-mile fashion to the 70s when prep was only set to the 60 foot mark. When this track was constructed it was based on an old highway system much like those days of RR66 or the Bonnie & Clyde days. The road became a closed off section early on and re-routed to what developed now known to us as this vintage track. If you’re looking for a pro track.. it’s not. If your looking for a full on parking lot to park a top fuel ..its not. Instead, you can consider this place a camping resort for hotrodders who plain and simple love  drag racing and who enjoy the scenery that surrounds it.  The concession staff…nice folks all around ..go have a burger!