Southwest Heritage Nostalgia Drags -Little River



There is a whole new era of real heads up vintage drag cars and street machines that are headed your way from the central area and other parts of Texas. Stay tuned for the exclusive info!

Drag Racing Gassers Texas FB, was a first attendeding a true style Super Stock car nostalgia event this past weekend. For a little track.. the stands were jam-packed, the smell of race fuel was up in the air and the Texas temperatures couldn’t have been better on that day. Huge thanks goes out to Southwest Heritage Nostalgia Drags for putting on the event. We can’t begin to explain how cool these cars look when you stand next to them..real hand lettering and vintage decals and classic wheels to go along with the whole package which brings me to the topic of the old prostock days. On this day, we also got the opportunity and exclusive to get a glimpse of Joe Whites previous drag racing life as I watched him wrenching, tuning, and everything else that went on back in the day on his ex drag race 69 Camaro now owned by Brownlee & Brownlee driven by Mike Brownlee.  A style simply unmatched not many others were duplicating that day. He gave us the low down on his car,  its history and how its back to drag racing after 30 yrs of retirement.

Huge Thanks!.. to the Drag Racing Vintage Texas members. Central Area 512

Juan Gutierrez -55Chevy -blown BB

Mark Hallock – 55Chevy -smlblk

Ray Nicks – 56 Chevy -smlblk

Mike Brownlee -69 Camaro smlblk