The Nomads C.C. of Austin, Texas 1950s

 photo 30312_400962916725_325258421725_4109185_1969750_n.jpg

In our files,

One of our members David Goll sent us these photos. His father was part of the Nomads C.C. of Austin during the early years of Austin’s drag racing history -you can see him in the first photo.These photos represent a time when local clubs would gather to promote safety in drag racing. The clubs generally participated through an association of other established car clubs in the area and in participation with the NHRA  you would eventually end up at the nationals racing some of the fastest cars from across the country  In the last image you’re seeing one of the earliest photos of August “Hands” Hartkopf tuning on a hopped up Chevy.

photos: David Goll

 photo 30312_400962961725_325258421725_4109190_7246146_n.jpg

 photo 30312_400962936725_325258421725_4109187_4259466_n.jpg

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