David Strom Sr. ‘Just Passin Thru’ -Dickenson, Texas

The Showdown At The River 2019

..will bring out his fleet of hot rods to attend the show. David, is a member of the Dirty South Gassers group attends many of the exclusive vintage drags in Texas. He will be representing the Strom Street Rods out of Dickenson, TX. As the rear trunk of the 55 Chevy says.. ‘Just Passin’ Thru’ at Little River Dragway!

credit photos: David Wayne Strom & BangShift Photos

HISTORY: Stroms Street Rods

The first car F85 OLDS ”L’il Show Off”

The car was the first version built and co owned with friend Joey Richards. It had a Chevy truck straight axle and 57 Pontiac rear. It was around 69-70 Joey moved on to a Nova and I became sole owner of the F85. My Brother, Ken put the Rally Orange on it and Ray Skains did the lettering.

We ran a SBC most of the time . 327 with GM 11-1 pistons and 2.o2 heads. So called a “junk” motor as we picked up used parts from Luther’s scrap bin at Houston Engine and Balancing to piece it together. Typically we ran Hot Rod class, best memory is that we ran HR/3 with the 327. We usually ran a 650 Holley 2 barrel which put us in the formula 3 class. Slowed the car a bit from a 4 barrel or 2 4’s which we tried a few times. Running the 2 barrel made it very consistent and limited the number of competitors in our class. Back then you had to win your class to qualify for bracket racing and the big money! Typically $25 or $50 to the winner if I remember correctly. We ran a Muncie 4 speed with vertical gate shifter and anywhere from 5.38, 5.57, 5.86 and even 6.14 gears. Again if I am remembering correctly the 557 was the one that we ran the most. The car weighed in at 2850lbs.(memory test again)

With this combination the car was not fast but was super consistent and a regular contender in the bracket racing. The car was known to run consistent 12.50’s night after night. Most all racing was done at the old Gulf Freeway track with an occasional trip to Porter.

I quit racing in the mid 7o’s as my family grew. We are now a “hot rod family” with many Tri-5s in the family as well as a Mustang and VW bus. I have a 55 Chevy with a 502 that I play with and race at Nostalgia events and have a lot of fun. Staying with tradition it has a “Junk motor” 502.

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