The Terrapins C.C. Inc. 1952


Feb 17, 1952 The Terrapins Car Club Austin organization of car owners held a reliability run starting at Zilker park. Club President Bill Anderson and Treasurer David Crockett said that about 15 cars would take part in the test run which would extend about 50 miles. The purpose of the run was to test exact and safe driving standards. The drivers would be given a problem with specifications. They would also be asked to maintain a certain average speed to and from check points in the hill country. Average speeds were under 30 miles per hour. All cars needed to pass a rigid safety inspection before the test. Secret judges would check the participants on hands signaling and other safety factors on the route, which would not be disclosed until the test start. The winner would take a 14inch loving trophy.

April 12, 1952 The Terrapins Car Club Inc. were among the new corporations of Austin announced by the secretary of state John Ben Sheppard. The incorporators were W.L. Anderson, Frank Jones, and David Crockett.

June 17, 1952 -The Texas Dept. Of Public Safety provided 2 safety films for the Terrapins car club organization. The 2 documentary films showings were held at the Calcasieu Auditorium. Its unclear which films were used during the showing. Prior to the 1950s and Wally Parks NHRA organization these are some the early examples of the “scare films” being used for the drivers Ed audience.

Lets Bring A Positive Image


Nov. 29th, 1951 -the Terrapins -temporary name for the Austin hotrodders first meeting was at Austin Zilker Parks club house hut to talk about race track problems. W. L Anderson the spokesman for the group had stated the organization of “The Terrapins” was almost complete except for locating a place for the hotrodders to drag race. They were looking for a flat stretch of smooth road of at least 1 mile long. Anderson had commented that they had not yet found a suitable location of enough room for the cars to stop at high speeds according to the local newspaper. The meet on that day would also be the last day for people to join as charter members. A list of topics to include in future meetings – drivers safety films, reliability runs to conduct safe and exact driving standards, a show of safety films provided by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety and campaigning for local support and finding a safe place to drag race.