Mark Hallock, Ed Morraw IHRA record holder 55 Chevy Nomad.


If your from Austin and participate in the local hotrodding scene then you should be familiar with these two cars. The history on the wagon dates back to the 1960s.


A local drag racer by the name of Ed Marrow was the owner who originally built it as a drag race machine and many times back then you would find it at local race tracks pulling the wheels off the ground with every gear shift pull. As Ive posted before Mark Hallock rescued the AHRA record holder from it resting place a few years back restoring it to the present condition you see in these photos adding it along side to his high school car. Until now there was no video of the famous 55 nomad launching it wheels up from way back when, Mark called me up and told me of a video that was found and loaded on to you tube…check it out.

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